Products & Services

Jones Stone Company offers a variety of stone, both Natural and Man Made, which can be used in a large range of applications.  A distinctive personal style can be achieved using stone to enhance any building project in the home, garden or with any commercial construction.

  • Indiana Cut Limestone - is a very popular product because it has a variety of uses and can be cut into many shapes and sizes offering versatility.  Whether designing a fireplace surround or a flooring pattern Indiana Cut Limestone will enhance the beauty of any location. Pool coping, patios, stair treads, columns, column caps, lintels, window headers, fireplace surrounds, table tops, custom signage, orbs, balustrades, quoins and keystones are some of the many uses of this natural stone. Click here for an example picture
  • Cut Flagstone - can vary in use depending on the type of job. It is mostly used as a patio or a walkway surface. It can also be used as a wall veneer for the interior or exterior of a residential or commercial buildings, fireplace surrounds, retaining walls, garden walls or other landscaping needs. Click here for an example picture
  • Irregular Flagstone – is a broken, irregular product with many uses.  When used as a flagstone they can create walkways, driveways, and patios. It can also be used as a wall veneer for interior or exterior applications as well.  Click here for an example picture- pool deck
  • Natural Thin Veneer Stone
  • Man-Made Stone - Several different types of styles and patterns are available in a variety of colors. Many styles are available for both a drystack or mortar joint application. They can be purchased in a range of quantities to fit any size job. Man Made stones are most often used as wall veneers. Among others, we carry Landmark Stone Products and StoneCraft Products. 
  • Decorative Gravel - Available in bulk and bagged as well as many colors and sizes, gravel can be used to enhance your landscape and gardening projects. Gravel can be used as walkways, in place of mulch in rock beds, or as a filler between flagstone. Click here for our landscape elements photo gallery
  • Cobblestones - Cobblestones can be used in larger areas as well as serving as border stones or as dividers between landscape areas. We carry sandstone and granite cobblestones. Click here for our landscape elements photo gallery
  • Pavers - We carry Pavestone products
  • Boulders - We have large boulders for accenting as well as smaller, decorative boulders for your garden.
  • Building Stone - Can be used in landscapes. Also available in veneer (thin) form for homes, walls, and fireplaces. Click here for an example picture- pool surround
  • Firerock Building Materials - Firerock offers fireplace and firepit kits as well as pavers. Click here for their brochure.
  • Services - Jones Stone Company offers full service installation of Natural and Man Made stones by our masonry staff.  Whether building a new home or renovating your existing home, Jones Stone can do the job! We are a licensed Masonry Contractor and carry full Workers' Compensation coverage under the guidelines of the State of Tennessee Department of Labor.